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ForeverShop is a Free online shopping app operated by Teamleaf Software Private Limited. The App is Powerful and Free for everyone who wants to grow his/her business online, especially for medium, small and individual business owners. The company Teamleaf Software Private Limited is a mobile Internet company focusing on Indian C2C e-commerce market. ForeverShop is doing well in the market, at the same time the brand value and downloads have been growing constantly. The app is an advance technology platform with a goal to assist millions of small/individual merchants in India to pursue their dreams of owning a free online shop. The app is hassle free and commission free. We have a dedicated team of marketing, design and development experts in India and China who are working together for the sole purpose of making the customer and seller experience the best. With the power of social network, SAAS tools, big data, and artificial intelligence, we help our customers to build the business network and transform their business grows vastly.